A computer on a desk shows a website with example content

Web content writing


  • Are you a small business, not for profit or start up who needs to get your new website spot on so that it connects with your clients or customers?
  • Is your current website not doing what it should – bringing you hits and customers or clients?
  • Is your website copy not driving people to action as it should?
  • Was your website content written by a web designer rather than a specialist content writer?
  • Do you want to highlight your corporate social responsibility credentials or develop your green business brand?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Now more than ever, a great website is critically important to success. With so much competing information out there, you need to be able to cut through the noise to reach your customers. Let me write professional web copy for you.

Whilst the layout and design of your website is a key part of engaging with your target market, the words are what get your message across. You need engaging, concise and relevant content, targeted at your market, that tells your story and connects with your readers. It also needs to be search engine friendly so that your potential customers can find you.

Treat your website to effective copy by engaging me to write it for you. Contact me now to talk about how I can help you.

I can write content for new websites or review your existing website and rewrite it for you. I am committed to being clear and transparent about how I work with you. There is a series of steps that I will always follow if you engage me. I will:

  1. Talk to you about what you’re trying to achieve with your content
  2. Thoroughly research your target market or community – be they your customers, clients or stakeholders
  3. Research your business and your competitors
  4. Identify your key messages and key words
  5. Discuss with you what I have found and what I suggest before moving on any further
  6. Write concise, plain English copy that engages your readers and gets your message across whilst ensuring that the content is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) so that your audience finds you and your information.
  7. Throughout the whole process, stay in touch with you and keep you informed.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Clear communication is at the centre of everything I do – both what I write for you and how I work with you.

I consider great communication to be a critical part of our relationship – I will always keep you informed throughout the process, with regular feedback on progress.

I will send you a first draft for your review, makes any changes that you want and then send you the final draft. My standard quote includes two drafts. Let me know if you think you need more than two reiterations.