Low carbon consulting

Low carbon consulting

I specialise in helping organisations transition to ‘net zero’ carbon. Do you want to reduce your business costs, stand out from your competitors, and actively play your part in helping the world transition rapidly to a low or zero carbon economy? Then I can help you. I specialise in working with small and medium sized organisations, who are keen to be part of the change, but may not have the resources to engage one of the large, city-based consultancies. 

The steps I use for helping organisations to reduce their carbon emissions is one of Avoid, Reduce, Replace, Offset.

I will work with you to:

  1. Analyse your current carbon footprint 
  2. Identify opportunities for reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint. This will lead to an organisational Net Zero Strategy which will map the steps you need to take and could include all, or some, of the following areas: 
    • energy efficiency
    • renewable energy
    • electric vehicles
    • changes to procurement policies
    • waste management
    • water use
    • education/behaviour change – changing the way people do things
  3. Purchase carbon offsets if you want to become carbon neutral or net zero. Which carbon offsets you choose will depend on your brand and what your objectives are. For example, do you want to support employment opportunities in Aboriginal Australian communities, do you want to invest in local tree planting programs or do you want to help community development programs in developing nations. 

If you want to become ‘Certified Carbon Neutral’ under the Australian Climate Active program, I can support you to achieve that as I am a registered Climate Active consultant

Get in touch with me today if you need help to take the next step towards a zero carbon future.