If you want to discuss how I can help you, then get in touch.

I can quote on either an hourly rate basis, for an agreed number of hours or as a lump sum, depending on your needs or preference.

As a guide I will generally base my quotes on the hourly rates below. The actually hourly rate will depend on the type of work and how specialised it is.  For other consultancy work (see my Other Services) contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Standard rate: $90 – $110 per hour

This rate applies generally to all professional corporate writing and editing work. This includes:

  • content writing including reports, brochures, manuals, guidelines, strategies and policies, articles, scientific/technical writing
  • grant and tender applications
  • website content creation for businesses,
  • review/rewrite of existing web content,
  • desktop research
  • copy editing
  • proof reading

My quote will vary depending on the number of hours that I estimate for your job. In order to do this I will need a clear understanding of your requirements. With editing I like to see an example, so I can assess what level of editing is required – this can vary greatly depending on the work and how polished it is.

Not for profit sector: $70 per hour

I know that many not for profit groups often operate on a shoestring so I offer a discounted rate.

Students: $50 per hour  – thesis editing

I understand that students can have limited budgets for editing their thesis.  This rate applies to editing of thesis and will depend on the number of words and the level of editing required. See my Editing page for more information.

Before you contact me please have a think about the following:

For corporate writing services

  1. What is your timeframe?
  2. How many words do you want written?
  3. Who is/are your target audience/readers? I can help you identify this if you’re not sure.
  4. What is the aim or objective of the writing? What is it trying to do?

For website content creation, rewriting or review

  1. How many pages do you need content written for – the landing/home page, other pages or the whole site.
  2. Send me a link to your website
  3. Identify your competitors if you can – I will also research this for you.

For editing and proof reading services

  1. Please directly send me an example of your work so that I can assess it.
  2. Tell me the number of words.
  3. Tell me what level of editing you would like. We can discuss this together once I have assessed your work.